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About Way Of The Crane Martial Arts Boulder County Gold Runner Up 2008 Best Karate/Martial Arts Studio - No Winner in the Category for 2009 Boulder County Gold Runner Up 2011 Best Karate/Martial Arts Studio - No Winner in the Category for 2010

At Way of the Crane Martial Arts, you won't find long term contracts, high pressure sales, Black Belt “clubs” or other gimmicks. What you will find is honest Martial Arts instruction with an emphasis on correct execution, safety and real world application for both adults and children.


Way of the Crane Martial Arts is one of the most modern and well equipped dojos in Boulder County, with mens and ladies dressing rooms, complete with shower facilities, and 5,000 square feet of matted floor, mirrored walls, punching and kicking bags, weapons training and an extensive library of books to lend.

While honoring the discipline, respect and trust that is needed to learn an art that is both difficult and rewarding, we also have fun!

The Magic of the Martial Arts

The tenets of this school, as in all martial arts disciplines, is to focus on striving to enhance an individual's self defense ability, while also instilling a deeper philosophical comprehension of oneself and one's environment. This understanding should evolve into a more profound self awareness and thoughtfulness toward ones fellow beings. The ultimate goal of this art form is to transcend the need for violence.

Experienced Instruction

Melanie Murphy is the owner, director and Sensei (teacher) of Way of the Crane Martial Arts, and has owned and run this school continuously since 1989. She has personally trained all of the teachers and takes an active roll in every class. To learn more about our Sensei, please click here or select Sensei from the menu above.

A Broad Curriculum

Learning to become a Martial Artist is not easy or quick, but it is worth the effort. We learn not just both hard and soft styles of Karate, but also aspects of Kung-Fu, Aikido, Ju-Jitsu, Tai-Chi and Chin-Na; truly a belended collection of Martial Arts. If you'd like to learn more about our Curriculum you can click here or select Curriculum from the menu above.

A Great Environmentsparring

Some of the students at Way of the Crane have been coming to this school for over ten years. Why? Because Sensei Murphey fosters an open and fun enviroment where students are allowed to learn and advance at their own pace. The "art" in Martial Art is recognized and each person, regardless of age, is encouraged to discover how they will express this Art and make it their own while still properly executing correct and effective techniques, by learning the science behind the skills.

This is an environment where questions are encourged. Students quickly learn that it's safe to ask not just "how" but "why". Questions are always given applicable answers and never answered with "that's just the way we do it" or "it's tradition."

More Information?

Do you still have questions? Please visit our FAQ page by clicking here or select FAQ from the menu above. Or, why not experience the knowledge of the Martial Arts with in a zero pressure environment? Give Melanie a call or use coupon below to experience what this school can offer you and decide for yourself if this is the place for you.


Would you like more information? Click here or call Sensei Melanie Murphy at (303) 442-7559 right away.