Way Of The Crane Martial Arts

Adult Classes

Yellow BeltsAdult classes at Way of the Crane are challenging and fun, both physically and intellectually. Each rank, which builds upon the previous, has theoretical, philosophical, and intellectual requirements in addition to the physical skills to be learned. Each student progresses at their own pace, with no set time limit to reach a certain rank.

This is a lifelong pursuit that will not be compromised by rushing any student through the ranks. Additionally, children under the age of 18 are not permitted to become Black Belts in this school. Martial Arts is far beyond a method of fighting. Martial Arts builds character and physical strength while fostering the values of morality, dignity, self respect and discipline. In addition to providing a superior workout of the cardiovascular system and musculature, Martial Arts teaches awareness and concentration while improving reflex actions, balance, agility and strength. Martial Arts is a harmonious balance of mind, body and spirit that you will carry with you throughout all aspects of your life; career, relationships and personal growth.

What makes us different:

No Gimmicks: You won’t find “Black Belt” clubs or special uniforms you have to pay extra for at Way of the Crane. Classes are about Martial Arts education and learning, not gimmicks and getting you to pay more.

Honest Evaluation: You can be assured that you will only be promoted to the next rank because you have legitimately learned what you need know to advance. No one, adult or child, advances in rank, at Way of the Crane, because they have good attendance or because they have paid a certain amount of money. When you advance, the pride you will feel is based on real achievement.

No “Up-Selling”: You will never be pressured to take more classes, sign long-term contracts, join a special club, buy a special uniform or attend an “exclusive” seminar. All training is month-to-month and you decide in advance how many classes you should take each month and pay for those classes only. The only thing you will ever pay for outside of monthly classes is a nominal testing fee.

Blackbelt Teaching

Quality Instruction: Sensei Melanie Murphy, or a teacher she has personally trained, will teach every class that you take. The message and instruction is consistent, age appropriate and real world applicable.

Openness and honesty: Part of the philosophy of training at the Way of the Crane is questions are welcome and necessary. No one is ever told “because that’s the way we do it.” It's important to understand why and how you are moving a certain way and how it applies to the real world.

If you would like to see what Way of the Crane is like and how you can benefit from a quality Martial Arts education, just give the Dojo a call and schedule your free class to see for yourself.

Would you like more information? Click here or call Sensei Melanie Murphy at (303) 442-7559 right away.