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Self Control

These are the five maxims of Way of the Crane and are emphasized in every class. We feel it would be very difficult to find another school as unique and committed as Way of the Crane to your understanding and enjoyment of the Martial Arts.

Instruction is very personalized, especially when a student is just starting out. In a normal class there will usually be between two and six senior students assisting Sensei Murphy in teaching the class, with an average class size of between eight and fifteen students.

Every class starts the same way with the students lining up and demonstrating respect to the teachers and a short breathing exercise. The class moves right into a warm up that everyone finds challenging and fun.

Each class has a focus on the main areas of instruction:

Classes are always challenging and fun. If you would like to see what Way of the Crane is like and how you can benefit from a quality Martial Arts education, just give the Dojo a call and schedule your free class to see for yourself.

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