Way Of The Crane Martial Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to anticipate some of the more common questions that you might want to ask. We hope that we have been able to answer many of your questions here on the Web Site, but the best way to see what we are about is to come in and visit us. We encourage and welcome visitors to the Way of the Crane.

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Question 1: What style of Martial Arts do you teach?
The basis of what is taught at Way of the Crane is called Shudokan Karate and originated in Okinawa. The basic movements that each student must learn come from this style. But, as the student advances and gains more knowledge and ability, techniques from other styles are brought into the curriculum: joint locking and pressure point control from Chinese Chin-Na; ground fighting and joint control from Ju-jitsu; and throwing and energy control from Aikido. The emphasis is on practicality and application in a safe, controlled environment.

Question 2: Do I have to sign a contract?
No! There are no long term contracts at Way of the Crane. Payment is very reasonable and done on a Month-to-Month basis.

Question 3: How much do classes cost?
Classes are VERY reasonable. The monthly cost varies depending on the number of classes you would like to take each month. There are no long term contracts and you don't have to "lock" in to taking the same number of classes every month. Further, we guarantee that you will never be pressured or "up-sold" for more of a commitment

Question 4: How Large is an Average Class? I attended a school that had about 20 people per class and only one instructor.
Classes vary in size with as few as 6 or 8 students and as many as 15. Sensei is almost always in class and it's not unusual to have four or five teachers (Black or Brown Belts) in an average class, which makes for very personalized instruction.

Question 5: What makes you different than other Martial Arts Schools?
Progress at Way of the Crane depends on the individual. Each person progresses at their own rate and according to their own ability. No one gets promoted at Way of the Crane because they've been going for a certain amount of time or paid a certain amount of money. Simply put, we emphasize practicality and the Art in Martial Art. We aren't about getting you to sign up for more classes or long term contracts. We are about learning the Martial Arts in a practical, safe manner, that emphasizes applicability and building on what has been learned before.

Question 6: What is a class like?
Class begins with everyone lining up, lowest to highest ranked belts. We acknowledge and salute the teacher by bowing in and then take a moment to center ourselves with breathing. Next, we spend about 30 minutes warming up with several low to non-impact exercises that help to build core strength. Even if you are in shape, you'll find some of these exercises to be challenging. After the warm up, the class instruction begins. Each day of instruction is slightly different and focuses on specific core areas of expertise: Basic movements, Self-Defense, and Kata. We invite you to come experience a class for yourself!

Question 7: Are fitness classes like aerobics and cardio kickboxing available?
The focus at Way of the Crane is on Martial Arts and Self Defense instruction. We don't offer "fitness" classes, per se, although if you are interested in an aerobic workout that will get your heart rate up, strengthen your core and work muscles that will tone your legs, abdomen and rear, we think you'll find our normal class warm up to be very challenging.

Question 8: Can I schedule a birthday party or special event for my child at your school?
At Way of the Crane we value your children and what they will learn. That's why we don't have "parties" or events for children. These are usually an excuse to charge you for babysitting and then try to sell lessons to your children's friends. We believe that you've entrusted us with teaching your children the Martial Arts, not babysitting. If you like what we are doing, you and your children will tell your friends.

Question 9: Do you require Sparring?
Yes, however, sparring at Way of the Crane is done differently than at most other schools. Sparring is not part of the kids curriculum, instead, they learn skills that will help them when they are old enough to begin sparring. Sparring isn't introduced to adults until they reach the intermediate level and is done in a controlled, smooth, flowing manner different from most other schools. It's not the violent interaction that most people think of when they think of sparring.

Question 10: How do I get Started?
Simple! Just stop by the dojo, drop us an e-mail, or call Sensei Melanie Murphy at (303) 442-7559.

Would you like more information? Click here or call Sensei Melanie Murphy at (303) 442-7559 right away.