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Kids Classes

Self Control

Kids DrillsMartial Arts is an excellent means of teaching your children social skills, responsibility, discipline and emotional balance, making aggressive children more gentle, and shy ones more self confident.

Each child at Way of the Crane is taught the importance of respect, honor and self control as part of the fundamentals of the art. The junior student of Way of the Crane is not promoted because of attendance or mediocre performance; instead the children are expected to display the effort and skill necessary at the level set for promotion. They will demonstrate their skill in multiple areas including:


Kids Basics

Each level builds on the knowledge gained at the previous level and has a specific level of skill to be demonstrated, there is no set time limit for advancement. Everyone advances at their own pace and is given the opportunity to do so without being pressured. Belt levels don’t come easily and it may take some time for a child to advance. Other schools may advance their students in a few weeks or months based on attendance, the money you pay, or a superficial knowledge of the material. At Way of the Crane, you can be assured your child will advance because they understand the material.

Our teachings emphasize personal safety skills (both verbal and physical), judgment and decision making skills and upholding the five maxims of our school -- character, sincerity, effort, etiquette and self control. Of course they will gain from the benefits of good exercise, improved coordination and balance, and loads of fun! Parents are encouraged to observe classes as often as they wish from our visitors' viewing area.

What makes us different:

No Gimmicks: You won’t find phony clubs or special uniforms you have to pay extra for at Way of the Crane. You also won’t find birthday party rentals or “kids nights” that you pay extra for and are excuses to try and recruit your childs friends. Classes are about Martial Arts education and learning life skills, not gimmicks.

Honest Evaluation: You can be assured that your child will only be promoted to the next rank because they have legitimately learned what they need to advance. When your child advances the pride you will feel is based on real achievement.

Sensei & KidsNo “Up-Selling”: You will never be pressured to take more classes, sign long-term contracts, join a special club, buy a special uniform or attend an “exclusive” seminar. All training is month-to-month and you decide in advance how many classes your child should take each month and pay for those only. The only thing you will ever pay for outside of monthly classes is a nominal testing fee.

Quality Instruction: Sensei Melanie Murphy, or a senior student she has personally trained, will teach every class that your child takes. The message and instruction is consistent, age appropriate and real world applicable.

If you would like to see what Way of the Crane is like and how you and your children can benefit from a quality Martial Arts education, just give the Dojo a call at 303.442.7559 and schedule your free class to see for yourself.