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Melanie Murphy, Sensei, started her study of the martial arts in 1975. She has accomplished Black Belt recognition in serveal different disciplines. She started teaching in 1983 and became owner and director of Way of the Crane in 1989. She has trained hundreds of students ranging in age from 5 to 65. Sensei Murphy has excellent credentials in teaching martial arts and self defense to men, women, children, seniors and the developmentally disabled. In addition to many honors and distinctions, Sensei Murphy and Way of the Crane were awarded the Boulder Chamber of Commerce 1995 Business of the Year Award for community service, honoring the excellence and benefits of the Streetwize™ program. Sensei Murphy's expertise and teaching acumen are only part of the reason your experience at Way of the Crane will be memorable. Her passion for sharing her knowledge, her giving nature and sense of humor, and her genuine desire to see all her pupils succeed make every single class an enjoyable one. While honoring the discipline, respect, and trust that is needed to learn an art that is both difficult and dangerous, we also have fun. This Dojo is a very special place, largely because of those who have chosen to be a part of it.

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