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Streetwize™ Self-Defense at Way of the Crane Martial Arts

Streetwize™ (pronounced streetwise) Self-Defense is the award winning self defense course taught by Sensei Melanie Murphy.

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Streetwize™ is a comprehensive, 17 hour course that well equip you with the tools to prevent you from becoming a victim and to protect yourself in dangerous situations. Streetwize™, recognized nationally as one of the best self-defense programs in the country, is taught by Melanie Murphy. Melanie has taught Streetwize™ since 1983 throughout the US and abroad. Self-defense is about self-respect, self-reliance and self-worth.

Streetwize™ teaches you simple, effective, physical and verbal actions that are appropriate to given situations. Issues addressed are acquaintance, romantic, relative and stranger assaults. This training helps the healing process, prevention and conflict resolution. We also talk about the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of safety.

What you will learn at Streewize™ Self-Defense

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Special Programs:

Streetwize™ offers corporate, seniors', men's, teens' and children's programs which emphasize the circumstances under which each are assaulted, intimidated and approached. If you prefer private training or have special group needs, we will customize a program for you. The complete 17 hour course is $350 unless otherwise stated. A nonrefundable deposit of $200 is required upon registration. Deposit is transferable subject to approval. This is a place and time to learn how to not become a victim. Wear something suitable for physical activity and be ready to experience "The Weapon of Knowledge". Please call for details and registration.


The teenwize program is based on three very important lessons. The first concept, is becoming aware of "creepy", that intuitive sense that something or someone is just not right. This is about the skills of using voice command, and setting boundaries. The second  concept, is about looking at the social group and surroundings each of us choose to be part of, and determine if someone is trying to impede or manipulate your will. In other words is someone trying to talk me into doing something stupid. Because doing stupid can turn into something dangerous in a second. The third concept is dangerous, this is most of the class time, this situation demands a physical reaction. The class is very active, and the time goes by real fast. The students need to wear workout clothes, and bring a water bottle. This class is taught three times per year, teens need to hear this information several times and practice the skill set. When they go off to college they are ready to take the adult class that goes into much more details on each of these topics.

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