Way Of The Crane Martial Arts

Theory and Cirriculum

Teaching The curriculum at Way of the Crane combines both the hard and soft qualities of Okinawan, Japanese, and Chinese systems. Shudokan karate, the Okinawan style, teaches the body to generate linear force, it also develops the ability to deflect and cut angles to an on coming force. The Japanese influences come from Jujitsu and Aikido. These two beautiful arts offer a great combination. The pressure point and joint locking techniques, to the ground fighting of the Jujitsu. Then we add the grace and flow of the throwing in Aikido. This offers an introduction to close range training. The education then leads to the efficiency and effectiveness of Chinese Tai Chi Chuan and Chin-na. Each student finds their way through the curriculum, working within these concepts and techniques so each person discovers what type of martial artist they want to be.


This is an authentic school; the purpose is to enhance the development of artistry. The training is not about the meager imitation of tricks and sport. Each student must be able to attain the high standards required to move through the curriculum. So there are no large groups and set times for advancement. Children do not get black belts here. The children's program is very exciting, challenging and totally age appropriate. Children learn to appreciate the work and feel great about the skills they develop.

This school has been independently owned and operated since 1989. There is no sales team; you will not be hustled into "up-grade" sales or financial contracts. This school offers a month to month agreement (many students stay 10 years or more to study here) the student chooses how many classes they can attend each month and will pay accordingly. The agreement is about honor and personal integrity

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