Way of the Crane Martial Arts

COVID-19 Announcement

Way of the Crane and Streetwize Self-Defense Is now OPEN – following state and local guidelines
We are now conducting in-person classes that follow social distancing: ten people will be allowed in the dojo for class at any time. We always have lots of instructors available to assist and any additional students will be able to practice outside in the parking lot. Face masks are encouraged.

We will continue to conduct classes on-line via Zoom for those who wish to participate from home. Please use the Contact Us page to ask for more information on how you can join one of our on-line classes.

Traditional Practical Martial Arts

As one of the oldest and longest continually running Martial Arts Schools in Boulder, Colorado, Way of the Crane continues to provide the true spirit of the Martial Arts to students of all ages.

Owned and operated by Sensei Melanie Murphy since 1983, Way of the Crane’s training incorporates aspects of Karate, Kung-Fu, Ju-Jitsu and Chin-Na for a truly eclectic Mixed Martial Art environment that emphasizes self reliance and situational awareness for real world conflicts.

What you will find at Way of the Crane is one of the best equipped dojos in the state, quality experienced teachers who genuinely care about the student in an environment of honest Martial Arts instruction with an emphasis on correct execution, safety and real world application for both adults and children.

Serving Boulder Since 1983


What an amazing school! This school isn’t focused on getting you to sign contracts or “up-selling” you, rather they focus on the martial arts. Everyone starts the same and progresses at their own rate. No mandatory belt test here! Everyone I’ve encountered at the school is helpful and encouraging. To top it all off, it’s surprisingly affordable. I checked out several schools in Boulder county before deciding on this one, and I have to say, it’s the absolute best!

I have to agree. This school is something special. I have never found a school that pays so much attention to each student as an individual. The flip side to this is that as a student, you will get as much out of this school as you put in. Your dedication and practice are rewarded with knowledge unavailable anywhere else. The instructors are dedicated to elevating EVERY student, and the curriculum is flexible depending on each students’ needs. Unlike many schools, the instructors know WHY they teach what they teach and freely give explanations that make sense – you don’t do things “just because that’s the way we do them.” Also, I have never gone to a class and left without learning something new, getting a great workout, and laughing loudly. It’s actually both martial, and truly an art. This school is as much about teaching you how to live a good life as it is anything else. Amazing, seriously.

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