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Streetwize and Self-Defense Class Testimonials

Required for all women

What an amazing class. The awareness that Melanie brought to light was fabulous. This should be a required class in school for all girls and women. I loved that Melanie said that a part of self love is being able to defend and keep yourself safe. There were great tools given in the 3 hour class and both my daughter and I are considering taking the next 2 day class. Melanie does some amazing work and she is REAL!
Thank you so much for your time and passion!

I had so much fun

I had so much fun in this self defense class, and was very empowered while learning so much! This class is a must have for anyone looking to feel more confident and aware in any situation regarding self defense. Highly recommend!!

Mind Blowing!

Wow just took a self defense class here that was mind blowingly good and would highly recommend it to anyone who has ever considered that learning how to defend yourself might me a good idea.


Completed the Street Wize self defense course and am utterly blown away by how EMPOWERING and educational the class was. Melanie and staff are devoted to providing you with the knowledge to protect yourself against threat or unwelcome advances. I have a better sense of my feminine energy and muscle memory to better defend myself if in an unfortunate situation in the future. WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL WOMEN! You are not going to get this type of experience at any other self dense teaching facility. I am extremely grateful to the staff and fellow participants.


Excellent self defense training. A must for every woman! Highly recommend this instruction.

Outstanding Training!

My daughter and I took a self defense training from Melonie and we could not have been more impressed. The knowledge she shared with us is invaluable! The new perspective we gained, as well as the skills we learned will help us protect ourselves should we ever be put in a dangerous situation. Melanie was very personable and we felt connected to her immediately. This is a training that every woman should take! I feel so fortunate to have had this experience with my daughter, and am so thankful that she has this new knowledge and perspective heading into her teenage years and young adulthood. I wish I had this same training as a young woman.

Relevant and Important

Enthusiastic, engaging presentation style. Relevant and important information delivered. Our session got a little off course and was rushed in the end, but still so helpful.

Good Experience

A good experience. I learned a great deal and I’m very glad I took the class.

Great Instruction

Melanie’s instruction was easy to understand and she made it applicable for all who attended.

Great Teacher

She did a great job of teaching exactly what to do when, i would take a part two class from her in a heart beat