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Meagan Chandler

It has been easy to devote 16 years of regular practice to this school. It’s a deep training that is nearly impossible to find these days, far from instant gratification based, and the marital artists there are incredible people that embody integrity. The women’s self defense is ferocious, effective, and delightful – I want every woman I know to do it, and I wish it was taught in every school around the world! It is so worth checking this place out!

Matthew L

I did not know how good I had it at Way of The Crane until I had to leave the state for my career. I studied here for 7+ years and left as an advanced rank. As I have been looking for a new Dojo to study at, I recognize that the quality of instruction and curriculum in unparalleled. As I try out the martial arts classes to find a new school, from Akido, Judo, MMA, Boxing and Karate, the skills and discipline I obtained here are recognized by the instructors of these schools. If you have found this gem then you have the opportunity to study at in my opinion the best Dojo in Colorado and one of the best in the country. If you are serious about truly learning the martial arts then this is the best place to be.
When I do return to Colorado, I will be returning to Way of The Crane.

Paul Aiken

A great place to train. Individual instruction and attention. Students and teachers are very friendly. Training is hard but very very safe. I’ve trained in many places in my time as a martial artist and especially for beginners the fundamentals and teaching are second to none here.

Marilyn Perez

I did her self defense class as a requirement for work. She is amazing.

Samuel Wood

Authentic martial ARTS. Not a tournament school. No macho garbage – safe and chill for everyone. Just a friendly, thorough, intelligent, effective place to train. I have yet to leave a class without laughing out loud, working up a great sweat, and learning something amazing.

Jeanne Clelland

Fantastic school, with a unique blend of traditional martial arts and modern, practical self-defense. I have been training here for 19 years, and the curriculum is deep and rich enough to keep me coming back because there’s always more to learn. The community of students is friendly and supportive, and it’s just a fabulous place to train!

Elizabeth English

The women’s self-defense course is highly recommended and effective, both physically and emotionally. Helps women to realize that they are worthy & capable of protecting themselves.

Andie Holman

I took Streetwize Self Defense two years ago. Recently I was accosted at a deserted car wash and I was trying my best to just finish up and get away from the guy who was talking to me. Next thing I know he is right next to me, in my face.

My body and my brain went into automatic thanks to Streetwize. I stepped back, right hand in a fist at my hip, feet wide and ready to kick, left hand out while I shouted “you need to back off!” My heart was racing as I looked him up and down in order to ID him for the police if things went bad.

He looked at my fist, my face, my feet, gave me a sneer and walked away.

Melanie, your training saved me from something evil – no doubt. I am forever indebted.

If you want self-defense that works and that stays with you, do Streetwize.

Carlos González

Melanie is the best. You really learn self defense and I recommended to everybody. It was great. Don’t forget to pass and take the classes.


StreetWize has great self defense instructors who take the time to teach you how to physically defend yourself if in case something goes wrong. Learn the proper striking techniques, defense, body language, deescalate and proven verbal commands that make a difference in most self defense situations. Instructors are very knowledgeable and teach you step by step on how you can take control of a situation. A lot of equipment to use to help your through their program. I highly recommend for employee self defense or personal training!