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I took Streetwize Self Defense two years ago. Recently I was accosted at a deserted car wash and I was trying my best to just finish up and get away from the guy who was talking to me. Next thing I know he is right next to me, in my face.

My body and my brain went into automatic thanks to Streetwize. I stepped back, right hand in a fist at my hip, feet wide and ready to kick, left hand out while I shouted “you need to back off!” My heart was racing as I looked him up and down in order to ID him for the police if things went bad.

He looked at my fist, my face, my feet, gave me a sneer and walked away.

Melanie, your training saved me from something evil – no doubt. I am forever indebted.

If you want self-defense that works and that stays with you, do Streetwize.