Thomas C (Tom Con)

The best martial arts dojo that I know. The experiences and the practice I have fostered here, thanks to the immense depth of knowledge of the Sensei and Senpai, has pushed me beyond what I thought was capable for myself, both mentally and physically.

By my calculation, Sensei and the advanced students have over 200 years of combined karate experience under their belts. This is evident in the teaching of every movement and action. I have never had a question go unanswered, because practitioners at this school will not teach something that is not understood at it’s core.

The work is not easy, as you should not expect it to be. It is demanding and requires a personal dedication. I have found, however, that through this practice I have increased my aptitude to be dedicated. Do not come here expecting a black belt in only a few years or even within a decade.

I’m the year and a half I’ve been coming here, I have not changed many belts, however I know with absolute certainty that I’ve grown incredibly. Before, I could not be sure that I could defend myself if I ever need to. Now I am certain that I have the self defense acumen to at least stand a fighting chance sound I ever need it.

If you truly want to learn karate and push yourself to become your best self, come to Way of the Crane.

Thomas C (Tom Con)